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Τhe fall of Troy (Helen's Mourn) Ioannis Katis 26/08/2011

Francisco Collantes, (1599–1656)

Τhe fall of Troy (Helen's Mourn)

Ten years outside
the walls of Troy now we've been
too many killings and
blood we have seen.

I still remember
Patroclus death
and how Achilles
took his revenge.

He killed their best,
Hector now rests
behind the walls of Hades
he builds his nest.

But still the burden,
lies on Achilles chest
to take the city
his only request.

So many times,
we charged on their wall
and many have died,
a bloody toll.

Who will be left
to see the city fall?
Odysseus has
the final call.

Resting one night
close to the fire
his heart is filled
with homesick desire.

He misses his land,
his son and his wife
he has to break in
or pay with his life.

And so as he is looking
his shield carved with horses
a brilliant idea,
his mind now crosses.

He found the way ,
how to break in,
surprise the enemy
and kill from within.

He orders to build
a giant wooden horse
and draws all the ships
away from shore.

A gift from Poseidon ,
the poor Trojans thought
and brought their gift
inside their court.

All day they were feasting,
it was late night when they stopped
dancing and singing
around the horse.

Women and wine
brought them to sleep
Laocoon had warned them
"Beware of the Greeks..."

They slipped from it's belly,
hanging on rope
the Trojans were doomed,
there was no hope.

The best of the Greeks ,
were inside the walls
they gave the signal
and opened the doors.

Thousands of Greeks
invaded at once
the Trojans asleep,
they had no chance.

Their only care now
their post humus fame...
Priam watches
his city in flames.

Women and children,
they must escape
and save the race,
or meet their fate.

Paris is proud
and would not kneel
he shoots an arrow
to Achilles heel.

The only part
he could be wounded
he'd never have guessed
that Paris would knew it.

Apollo was angered
from his arrogant pride
and uncovered the secret
in Paris's mind.

The city is burning
and statues fall
hundreds of babies
are cast from the wall.

Women are raped
and Helen mourns
she wonders if this
is all her fault.

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