Monday, May 28, 2012


Atlantean born
from bygone times
Of Gods and Heroes offspring
You don’t give a dime.

Since the dawning of Man
From your ancestor's fathers
You inherited knowledge
That was secret to others.

You brought up the light
For all mankind
Stolen from gods
No other could find.

You were the cradle
Of all we hold dear.
Invented philosophy
and made it all clear.

With music and theater
Enhanced all our senses
You reached for the stars
Through “magical” lenses.

By applying medicine
You healed all our wounds,
And saved us from illness
Delivered from womb.

You were the strongest
From all other race
Nature’s best choice
To honor your grace.

Although outnumbered
And always less
You managed to conquer
without any stress.

For it never matters
How many you are
When you have faith
Inside your heart.

You were victorious
In many great wars,
Fought against Empires
And installed your's on the world

But superiority
It did make you weak,
allowed the enemy
to find a leak.

You were accused
of arrogant pride,
From all other races
of far lesser kind.

They plotted against you
And did find the way
To make you like them
Inferior and lame.

But they could not do it
With no other way
Except to destroy you
A huge price to pay.

So they used false religions
To make you weak.
They changed your values
And made you sick.

They promised paradise
An afterlife eternal
As long as you don’t
Care for what’s carnal.

They criminalized sex
So you can’t reproduce
While they gave babies
As many as they could.

You were disorientated
From the meaning of life
Forgot who you are
Cause they filled you with lies.

But not even that
Was really enough
So they brought war
And it was rough.

They tried to turn whites
against other whites
In two great wars
But still you strived...

The Aryan race
They all want to fight
Cause they know it’s the best
Superior and might!

Yet after the wars
And all you had suffered
With corrupted politics
They treat you like puppets.

Controlling the countries
Of white nations left.
They made you a slave,
with financial debt.

What bombs could not finish
Or politics of hate
They just blamed you as “racist”
And you took the bate.

They demonised a person
to condemn a whole race
Finding an alibi
To put you disgrace.

The New World Order,
had planned this for good.
In times of peace
They took you for fool.

Millions of settlers
Invaded your lands
And you gave them work
Satisfied their demands.

Everything 's going
According to plan
You yield to their needs
You foolish white man!

They forbidden you words
You can no longer pronounce
They even forged History
Your past, you denounced!

You were convinced
That you're one of them!
An Indo-European
a bastard meme...

They even altered
the meaning of words.
by turning the stream
Of the river of thoughts.

Preserving purity
Is so unfashionable
They poisoned you well
With a world multinational.

Though always regarded
Mother Nature as wise.
You destroy the mechanism
for diversity in life.

One race, one nation
One religion, one faith
You succumbed to globalism
and praised the New Age.

How much hypocrite
White man can you be?
To care for all species
Except for thee?

Struggling to preserve
The wolf and the drake
While you’re walking
The path to your grave!

You were betrayed
You were enslaved.
And now you’re trapped
Inside their maze.

This is a battle
You must not lose.
To make your stand
You have to choose.

You have to act
Before it’s too late.
You have to fight
Or meet your fate.

Their plan is exposed
Through racial mixing.

A deadly virus
infecting your race
With bastard blood
and unholy grace.

Wake up white man
And face the truth.
It’s a crime against Humanity
A crime against You!

You have to stand up
no more standing still
Accept responsibility
Cause nobody will!

They've given a century
Before you shall perish!
White beauty on earth
Your burden to cherish!

Be brave and be proud
Nothing is lost
As long as you wake up
And come out from the frost!

Denounce New World Order
Deny multi nationalism
Oppose to the Zionism
And all multiculturalism!

Stop racial mixing
Save us from drown.
Dream for a white world
Not one that’s brown

Ioannis Katis 28/05/12

                                          Dedicated to Lord George Gordon Byron and Friedrich Nietzsche

                                                                                              The Vanguard 


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