Monday, February 13, 2017

Gorgon's Tale

John William Waterhouse: A Mermaid
When the moon will turn to red
a blood diamond in the sky
the demons dwelling in my head
will come out and start to fly

speaking riddles from the past
unveiling mysteries of the mind
stories of desire and lust
about a long forgotten kind

She used to live in the old times
across the seven seas
asking mariners in rhymes
about Alexander the King

"Is Alexander the King alive ?"
asked the sailors on the ships
but beware of the reply
cause she could drag you to the deep

"He is still alive and reigning"
that's the answer to her keen
if you'd found yourself facing
the almighty ocean queen

Half a woman half a creature
from the bottom of the sea
an extraordinary mixture
full of beauty and of bree

But if by misfortune she was told
The king her brother lives no more
tremendous rage then would unfold
and crash the ships onto the shore

Her weeping song was of despair
storm and tempest would arise
she mourned the lives she could not spare
the sea was raging from her cries

Fading to her underwater kingdom
deep down the ocean floor
mystic creature full of wisdom
were you for real or just a lore?

Ιoannis Katis 16/04/14

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