Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lady of horses

Art: Lady Godiva by John Collier of the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood

In the mist of the night                                                                                                              
A graceful figure is riding with might                                            
Mountains, forests and rivers she crosses

An ancient fairy the Lady of horses

Legend has it that he who dares

confront her in a glance or stare

her shinny eyes and pretty face

he'll disappear, without a trace

Mistress of the wind

and all nature's forces

commander of creatures

the Lady of horses

With wolves by her side

she is roaming the night

followed by ravens

until the first light

Her song like pure magic

her dance of despair

No one could tame her

The lady of fair

A quest never ending                                

no matter the losses

Until she will meet

her tamer of horses.

Ioannis Katis
August 2011

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