Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Art: The Funeral of Sigurd and Brynhild by C. Butler 1909

Hailing from the land of ice
of snowy mountains and woods mystique
Sky is hidden behind blue eyes
a shieldmaiden from antique

Golden hair like the sun
white skin pure like snow
I desire other none
my love, i think this you should know

For when i look into your face
shinning like the northern lights
I feel proud of my race
and dream of long cold winter nights

Viking woman from the past
of burning desire and unspeakable lust
Surrender yourself now you must
or i shall conquer, this i trust

A shieldmaiden never surrenders
Art: Imogen by Herbert Gustave Schmalz, 1888
but fights her way with sword and shield
Chastising roughly her offenders
and all who dared to challenge thee

"Freya is my protector and Odin is my guide
you ought to know that foolish earl!
For no one claims a maiden's pride
with arrogant words or beads of pearls"

She charged towards him with all her might
screaming in anguish she aimed for the heart
He brought no weapons to this fight
he never had guessed it would go this far

And though he escaped the deadly stroke
out from his wound spilled royal blood
Many earls he had provoked
yet a shieldmaiden picked the glove

He tried to reason her, he tried to explain
even confessed to her his love as a child
She wouldn't hear it, all was in vain
she'd gone berzerk, furious and wild

A second charge followed, this time with the shield
that caught him off guard and did brake his chin
It is not I, she screamed, but you to me shall yield",
the earl's patience was now wearing thin...

He reached for his boots and pulled out a dagger
the maiden laughed and threw down her shield
Come on,  let's fight  now my only true lover
and see who will be the earl of this field

For little do i care about gold, power or glory
i guess you should definitely know this by now...
Despite of my feelings this is not a love story
i must remain true to my vow

This vow i've taken since i was only a little lass
there's only one man i'd follow in life                                            
but first he needs to beat me in clash
and if by chance escape from death, then proudly i can be his wife

She ran towards him wielding her sword
and hit him hard right on the groin
Abruptly was cut off his life chord                  
and plunged his dagger into her loin

"We can't escape death after all",
she whispered with a smile
"Our love was never meant for this world"
he managed to reply

They hold each other blandly, kissed and died.

Ioannis Katis 


Written for International Women's Day 2017

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